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Concept Design

Level Layouts, Men of Valor

by on Feb.23, 2009, under Art, Concept Design, Design

Part of many level design documents would include a map of the level with levels of intested posted on the map with additional information, possible paths and ai encounters as well as complex scripted sequence locations. This series of sketches was for a unreleased level where the player had to destroy a fuel depot being used by the NVA. After painting their target (the fuel tanks) for an air strike, the supporting airforceman gets shot down by Anti-Air battery hidden up the hill from the depot. The player must then go to take out the AA guns and rescue the downed pilot who managed to survive. After rescuing the pilot the player must then move to a free clearing in a dried out river bed and wait for the extraction helicopters. Each of the images represents one map (a level usually consisted of 3 or more maps, the maps couldn’t be much larger than they were because of memory budgets).

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Serious Sam Level Layout

by on Feb.23, 2009, under Art, Concept Design, Design

to learn how to use a new engine or tool I usually put together a quick layout for a small singleplayer adventure. Usually these layouts would include features of an engine I needed to learn, like creating a moveable brush (like a door), spawning explosions, placing ai and nav paths, setting up a basic trigger sequence (flip switch to open door). These levels usually served as a great primer on the tech/engine itself. Sometimes you are able to finish it, and sometimes you have to just jump right in to full production and learn on the spot. This was one of the later cases. While I started working on this singleplayer map I interviewed and was offered a job at Sunstorm where I learned on the spot how to use the engine. Thankfully the first couple days I had been tinkering with the tool was enough to learn the basics and I was ahead of the game by the time I got out to Indianapolis to start work.

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Final Score buildings

by on Feb.23, 2009, under Art, Concept Design

before constructing the skyline for the Final Score prototype at Sunstorm I sketched out a few ideas, really just general buildings for some of the surrounding structures. The cityscape was suppose to be a standard California metropolis, so I grabbed a bunch of reference and got sketching. I wish I had Google Sketchup back in those days as this is now my preferred method for rapidly  building and experimenting with different types of buildings and structures. These few sketches were a few of the buildings we ended up modeling out completely.

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Lich Temple Concepts

by on Feb.23, 2009, under Art, Concept Design

Part of my initial application process to Sunstorm Interactive involved designing a few fighting arenas for a 3D fighter that they were proposing. I was given a written description of these two arenas and went on about sketching them up and producing a few marker drawings. I started by producing a few initial blue-line sketches and then produced the top down and side views. After these were completed I roughed out the geometry of the level so I could get the correct perspectives mapped out (20 to 30 minute models, nothing overly complex) and then rendered out a few camera angles for each arena. I then sketched in the details, inked and finished with marker.

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Concept Models

by on Feb.22, 2009, under Art, Concept Design

These few models were made while still in school. The alien and beef eater gin were made while teaching a friend the basics of Maya. The other was my first model I built in Maya, which I was learning for a job that I was applying for that specifically required Maya experience. I don’t model much in the way of organic things anymore as I mainly stay with architectural structures which is why I usually prefer to prototype/rough out stuff in Google Sketchup first.

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